Net Productivity – May 2015

Thanks to a team of NAB employees, facilitated by EarthWatch and Peter Cale from ALT Calperum, a week long programme compared burnt and unburnt sites.

We are interested in the recovery after fire and employees enjoyed helping to survey for seedlings, birds, fauna and insects. They watched drones, and helped with collection of mallee tree biomass for us to determine the leaf area index and the net primary productivity. A very productive time, thank you to all involved!

Wildlife included Painted dragon (Ctenophorus pictus) and Mallee ningaui (Ningaui yvonneae).

Georgia Koerber is comparing processing programs and determining the relationship of canopy cover to ecosystem respiration and basal soil respiration.

Vistas were photographed from the top of the tower by Professor Wayne Meyer and from drones, flown by Associate Professor Lian Pin Koh; both from Adelaide University.

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